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Hello, Sales

Powerful, Warmful, Experiencedful.

BSpro Corporation

Serve Global Market
Focus on Startups


Serve Global Market
Focus on R&D & Marketing


Serve Global Market
Focus on Production

Easy to Talk

It’s easy to comminucate with sales in bochantoy.

Marketing Experience

Sales in Bochantoy always follow the marketing change, and provide support to clients in supply part.

Inspect In Person

Sales in Bochantoy inspect their orders one by one in person, to sure the quality good.

Meet our key persons

Meet our key persons in sales team


Top Sales
For Startups Custom
BSpro Corporation


Top Sales
For Startups Wholesale
BSpro Corporation


Sales Leader
For MR Custom
BSpro Corporation


Sales Director
Support Each Sales
BSpro Corporation

Meeting In Person

Meet Bochantoy in person.

Service Bochantoy
RM501,#110, 5th CT Road, Chashan
Dongguan 523000 GD, Chinese Mainland

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