Special Service

By Bochantoy and realated teams,
Only For exclusive clients.

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Stock your small accessories
without any extra charge

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Templates for customing
Washing label and hangtag

Option Online

Fabrics & Accessories
Optioned online.

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Support Center

Find all support
You need online


Order at Once
Ship by Times


Order at Once
Produce by Times

Silent Quotation

Let Quotation Back to Silence,
Option “Silenct Quotation” once you submit the Estimated An Price form.
Then no any further marketing emails.

*To getting the price as close as to production,
Neccessary Detail Confirm Email would be send.

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Now you can send the “Signed NDA” online before sending your artwork.
For the clients which didn’t signed the NDA before, Please donot worry on it.
Bochantoy and related teams always keep strict NDA in mind.

*Neccessary Business Information would be request to fill in the NDA file.

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